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1. Did you learn Chinese before coming to China? If you did, how long did you learn?
   A. Less than six months.
   B. Six months.
   C. One-two years. 
   D. Never learnt.

2. What is your level at present?
   A. Beginner.  
   B. Intermediate 1.
   C. Intermediate 2.
   D. Advanced.

3.  Did you attend any HSK examinations? And which level did you get?
A. Level 2. 
B. Level 3. 
C. Never attended. 
D. Never heard about that.

4. Why do you learn Chinese?
   A. Interested in Chinese and Chinese culture.
   B. For work. 
   C. For daily life. 
   D. Just follow other people.

5. Which aspects of Chinese do you prefer?
  A. Something related to daily life, such as eating, asking the way, etc; 
  B. Something related to both daily life and specific culture.    
  C. Something related to work. 
  D. Comprehensive learning.

6. Which way of learning do you prefer?
  A. The students listen to the teacher. 
  B. Discuss in groups.  
  C. The students talk more. 
  D. Ask and answer between teacher and students.
7. Please tell your favorite activity in class.
  A. Card games.
  B. Role play. 
  C. Telling story.  
  D. Competition in groups.

8. What do you think is the most difficult point in Chinese learning?
  A. Grammar. 
  B. Pronunciation.   
  C. Chinese characters.  
  D. Vocabulary.

9. In class, you could not understand all the things the teacher said, you will:
  A. Still listen carefully without telling the teacher the problem.
  B. Still listen carefully, then tell the teacher the problem if being confused all the time.
  C. Make out what the teacher said by asking others or looking up in dictionaries after class.
  D. Deal with my own things without listening to the teacher.

10.  Besides the exercises in the textbook, what else you like to do to improve?
  A. Travelling. 
  B. Watching TV and Chinese movies. 
  C. Chatting with Chinese friends.
  D. Learning by myself with some softwares.

11. Will you do the revision carefully after class?
  A. Yes, everytime after class. 
  B. Yes, if available.  
  C. No, generally.  
  D. Yes, if the teacher told me to do.

12.  About learning Chinese, which one in the following do you agree with?
A. Just speaking and understanding, no any Chinese characters, only pinyin.
   B. Not only listening and speaking, but also reading Chinese characters.
   C. Not only listening, reading and speaking, but also reading Chinese characters.
   D. Listening, reading and speaking, for Chinese characters, only reading, no writing.

13.  Do you think it is necessary to learn Chinese in class all the time?
  A. Yes, very necessary to take the teacher’s interpretation.    
  B. Yes, very necessary at the beginning, and then learn by myself.   
  C. Yes, very necessary for both the teacher’s interpretation and the environment of   
  D. Learning by myself completely. 

14. Do you think you need some textbooks in Chinese learning?
  A. No, just learn something related to my favorite topics.
  B. No, just learn what the teacher taught me.
  C. Yes, learn step by step according to the textbooks.
  D. Yes, but just for reference, variation made if necessary.

15. What will you do if you are confused when you encounter some different sayings in your real life from the ones in class?
  A. Ask the teacher in class.  
  B. Just remember without asking the teacher.  
  C. Just leave them alone. 
  D. Ask the teacher or the Chinese friends after class.

16. What is the most difficult thing for you to live in China?
  A. To understand the Chinese people.  
  B. To talk with people in Chinese.  
  C. To read Chinese passages. 
  D.To write in Chinese.

17. About the cultural differences between China and the western countries, which one would you like to know?
  A. The way of making friends. 
  B. The relationships between family members.
  C. The way of sending gifts.
  D. The eating habits.

18. How do you feel about culture shock?
  A. So big difference, for some aspects, very hard to understand. 
  B. Appreciate their styles very much.
  C. Nothing special, everyone has his own ideas and habits.
  D. Integrating into their community, even changing.

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